10 Best Trekking Adventures in Myanmar

Myanmar is undoubted a very aluring new destination for trekkers all over the world. From picturesque mountain to snowcape peaks, from lush forest valley to remote national parks, the country offers some of the best adventures you can expect.

These top 10 Myanmar trekking tours are designed carefully to showcase not only the authentic:

Bagan to Chin Village Trek

This is the newest adventure which attracts the attention of trekkers who want to travel out of tourist path. For 10 days, you will have chance to enjoy some of the most breathtaking mountain views in north Myanmar, crossing unknown territority which houses the friendly, unique Chin hill tribes.

Best time to trek: November to April

Special offer: for our Myanmar Tour in 2018 – 2019 period, we offer 1 day photoshooting in Bagan with Balloon Ride before starting the trek

Mt. Phoneyin Conquest

Perched on the elevation of 4220, Phoneyin is a real challenge for obvious reasons. It is one of the most difficult treks in north Myanmar. It is also a stunning mountain with beautiful surroundings of Putao national park. Mt. Phoneyin conquest also shows the contrast landscapes where tropical forest coexists with snow-covered mountains.

Best time to travel: Putao is best accesible in winter but summer is much better to trek

Hsipaw Trekking Adventure

Located by the Dokhtawady River, Hsipaw is a very trendy trekking point for those who want to spend 2-4 days by the mountain. This trek leads you through one of the most cascading waterfalls, traversing rice paddies while in town, you have chance to travel back to the past as you visit the former Shan palace.

The trek is feasible for all year round.

Kalaw to Inle Lake Trek

The route from Kalaw to Inle is full of tea, rice and flower plantation. For 3 days trek, our tour guide will introduce you the real local experience when you immerse in the scenery from village to village, mountain to mountain. The tour is very popular in all guide books as it does not require much physical effort.

Local tour guides and travel agencies provide this journey at different price depending on the standard they offer.

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