Advantages of Visiting Myanmar in Summer

For many visitors, Myanmar is best explored in winter time which lasts from November to April. It is the coolest period in such tropical country. However, our travel experts also find out that visiting Myanmar in summer could bring you many advantages.

Best Value for Money

If your first concern is about money then do not hesitate to take a visit from May to Oct. The rainy season means hotel and travel service promotion !

Hotel rooms are much cheaper, flight tickets are on offer, car rental with discount. A 5 star hotel night which costs about $250/ night during the tourism season may fall up to $150.

In 2017, many hotels and airline carriers join hand for promotion campaign to attract more tourists in the campaign the promote Myanmar Tourism.

It is not mentioned the fact that international flights are also much cheaper.

All our Myanmar Tour Packages are on offer with 10% discount and up.

Stunning and Verdant Landscapes

When the rain comes, Myanmar turns more lively, especially the dry zone in the north like Bagan. Road trips become more enjoyable with scenic scenery and it offers more photogenic chances for nature.

Summer witness the growing of rice and local plantation which adds more senses for your travel.

Better Services

There is no long queue for air port check in or ordering services. When there are less tourists, you are better served from restaurant to cruises. Your local interaction hence is more impressive.

Best tour guides and drivers are in your selection !

See Something You May not See in Winter

For this point, we are talking about river cruises and the far north Myanmar, the area that much accessible by waterway. For some sailing route, only when the water level raises the cruise can navigate and it is the time of summer. The best chance to witness the wild of Chindwin river is in September !

Support Sustainable Tourism

By discovering the country in summer, you will help villagers and people who get involved in tourism keep their passion for tourism, giving them more income to maitaince their service.

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