Family Holiday to Burma

Burma has become the biggest new destination in Asia in recent years. The number of vistiors has been increasing rapidly and it is the time to visit now before it changes too much. Family holiday to Burma is now a hot trend. The country is very magnetic with spectacular temple landscapes, beautiful waterways, verdant fields, faded colonial architect and fascinating villages.

Why Travel with Kids to Burma?

Burma ( also known as Myanmar ) is a great treat to children. There is no better place that your child feel more welcomed with open arms than this country. Villagers are lovely, they are likely to greet children, giving them some sweets or local cakes.

You will find also abundance of education chances as your family travel from one attraction to another. Distinctive Burmese culture is something that your family will learn together.

These days, local tour operators have set up more kid-friendly activities which makes your children occupied at every day outing. While Bagan offers horse cart ride – traveling back to the past, Inle lake and its floating garden draws all attention, Yangon and its street food attracts your senses like no other, elephant camp gives children more than chances to know about nature and mahout, etc…

” If you think about a destination for family spirit where everyone growing together, it should be my home” – Zaw, our travel expert shares.

Our Top Picks for Family Holiday to Burma

We narrow the large list of what to do to feature the top activities that you should delve into while touring Burma:

  • Cycling inside the Bagan holy land, exploring 2500 temples
  • Flying on a Balloon
  • Taking fishing lesson with Inthar people
  • Eat the delicious BBQ in China town, Yangon
  • Learning how to photograph sunset in Ubein
  • Kayaking in the remote Hpa An

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