Myanmar Portrait Photography

Amongst the photography destinations in Asia, Myanmar has something special to offer to all photographers. While its iconic landscapes are stunning temples, pagodas, its people is a great source that will define your photo inspiration. These captures from photographer John Lyon whose sharp lens reveals the real charm of Burmese

akha woman

Akha woman – a friendly hill tribe, the main residence of Kengtung area. Their village is far from ordinary tourist path which is also the core allure that draws you to Keng Tung.


Keng Tung is also home to many different hill tribes. It is hard to refuse a chance seeing woman who still have black-teeth tradition.

thanakha face

This Pa Daung Hill tribe also live in Shan state. Their scaft identify their ethnic characters while the thanaka, a very famous cosmetic used only in Myanmar creates their charm.

long neck

The long neck people find their life in Inle Lake, earning their life by weaving silk or cultivation.


This scene was photographed in Ubein bridge, one of the top spots for sunset shooting. The place exposes distinctive angles for your creativity.

fishing burma

This fishing technique is used in many countries in Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Laos and northern part of Burma.

bagan monk

Portrait of a Bagan Monk.
It is often said that a portrait photograhy trip could not be complete without shooting of monks, either arranged or free style.

myanmar novice

Again, Bagan is a unique heritage of Myanmar where sunrise is amazing, river cruise is fabulous and importantly you can find the photos of lifetime.
With over 2,500 pagodas, a Bagan Photo Tour can last for 2-3 days with different themes from local life, monks to a portraits of farmers, lacquer workers, etc..

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