Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Myanmar

It is no longer the day the world keeps the curiosity eyes on Myanmar, it is now the time to visit. Myanmar is an enchanting with distinctive culture and splendid landscapes that suprise all your travel senses. You will meet new people, witnessing the remarkable sites and here are the top tips for your travel plan

Myanmar is very Welcoming

Burmese are amongst the most friendly people in Asia, no doubt for that. From street encounter to village stops, you will receive smiling welcomes, invitation to explore their home land from local people.

The government also greet you by ” Welcome and Take care of Tourist

Ready for Barefoot ?

Unlike many other travel destination you may know, every temple or pagoda visit requires bare foot walk. This is simply to pay the respect to Buddhism and holy places according to Myanmar people.

Prepare a pair of sandal, it will be useful because there are thousands of pagodas to see only in Bagan, not to mentioned other tourist attractions.

Easy Phone, Difficult Internet

Now, visitors can buy $1,2 simcard and can communicate outbound to your country. The quality of phone call is much improved compares to the years of 2000s.

However, if you are traveling and working through internet at the same time, you may have to stay up late – the only time internet connection is good and stable. In general internet access is still slow though it is now widely spread.

The Story of Dollar Notes

The very good news is now you can pay by credit card, visa or master card in Myanmar. The using fee is rather high up to 6% depends on the services you use. Local company still prefer US dollar notes. New, crispy note is highly appreciated while the hundred note is easy to exchange.

Is Myanmar Expensive

Honestly, Myanmar is comparatively more expensive than its neighbours. Travel expenses should be expected from $ 45/ day for the lowest budget while the high end hotel room can cost up to $1000/ night.

Yet, there are still many ways to save the cost by planning well your itinerary, taking overnight bus instead of flight or even enjoy a free walk in Yangon.
If you want some ideas about this, please contact our travel experts

There are more to see

Since 2015, the country is more opening up for tourism. The boundary for restricted areas is less and less which means you now have chance to adventure further into Lashio, taking mountain hopping in Tachileik or Golden Triangle or even head south for Mergui beaches and islands.

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