Top Asia Sailing Destinations and Vacations

From azure waters of the Philippines to the wild, remote archipelago of Mergui, there are so many places to set sail in Asia. Whether it is a sailing vacation for stunning island laid back or an active yatching time filled by chances for scuba diving or wild marine encounters, these destinations are some of the best you should delve into:

Phuket, Thailand

This world class destination is simply the favorite choices for all adventurers who want to immerse in the tropical paradise that Thailand has to offer. in Phuket, you will find wide range of yatch for the most sophisticated demand and various sailing itinerary that can feature your life time experience by the ocean.

Langkawi Archipelago, Malaysia

Malaysia is home to alabaster beaches, crystalline coastal waters and sundrenched beaches which all can be found at Lankawi. The area is a a sumptuous bastion of diverse marine life and limestone caves.
Langkawi is one of the best spots to photograph sharks, giant turtles and journey under the azure waters for bounteous coral reefs.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Packed with hundreds of limestone islands, verdant national park and fascinating floating villages, Halong Bay draws your attention from the time you start your engine till you anchor your boat amidst the nature.
There are luxurious charter boats for couples and family that you can tailor made your sailing way to make it outstanding from an ordinary option.

Mergui Archipelago

Mergui is newly opened to tourist since 2012 and remains one of the most mysterious sailing areas in Southeast Asia. Amongst its 800 islands, only few are explored which means for your sailing days, you will mostly encounter the wilderness.
The Archipelago is home to incredible marinal park, amazing untouched beaches, cascading inland waterfalls off shore the Andaman ocean.

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